Fix It Right Up!

Fix It Right Up! initially performed in collaboration with Kristen Reah Van Liew for The Feminist Art Project's Performances Galore panel discussion at The College Art Association's 2009 conference in Los Angeles, CA. Future incarnations have also been seen throughout New York City. Southern church ladies, Miss Charlotte (van Liew) and Miss Lorraine (Zakrzewski), reflect on their identities as older women through their marriages, sexualities, politics, and the lives of their grown daughters, using a cooking demonstration as a vehicle for their dialogue, and calling on unsuspecting audience members for a hand or to wake them from their naps and daydreams.

Sample of performance dialogue:

Charlotte (singing):
We cook because we're happy
(Closer to our baby Jesus)
We stir 'cause we are glaaaad.
(Amen Charlotte. You sing it girl!)
We bake to make our way towards heaven.
And our men they don't feel bad.
(And neglected and tired,hungry, and so they feel sated)
Lorraine: Welcome y'all! I am Miss Lorraine, and this here is my good friend Miss Charlotte, and this is "Fix It Right Up" where we raise 'em to praise Him (mmmhmm), stir it to assure it (that's right), bake it to make it (to heaven), and feed 'em to shut 'em up and rest our tired selves while they stuff themselves 'fronta that there damn football game.

C: That is so true. You know my husband Earl, God bless 'im... (talks about a life time of fixin dinner for her good for nothin' hubby)

L: And the three loves of my life are dead and buried, God rest their souls. I ain't gotta cook for no one no more. I ain't making no porkchops. This ain't no Applebee's...

C+L: continue on about other chores and taking care of things until they get to talkin' about havin' fun working and travelling.

They discuss their origins:
L: We're from Jessup...
C: One letter away from Jesus!
L: Ain't that the truth!? And this whole thing just began when we were goin about our domestic lady buidness fixin' up the church cook book and we just had so much in common on account of we both been cookin' for friends and menfolk for mosta our lives.

C: Yes ma'am, and on account of we both like to wear wind breakers!

L: We sure got loads to talk about!





Miss Charlotte and Miss Lorraine in the kitchen.